Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Penis is too small to satisfy girl - Sex positions for men with a small penis

This is also a common problem affecting young male population. There is a belief that bigger the penis, more satisfied the female is. Generally boys, while passing urine, may see the penis of the person nearby or may see a macho man performing sexual intercourse in a porn movie. Sometimes people may brag about their penis size and sexual power. This can produce inferiority complex .Remember, people generally tell lies about their sexuality They shouldn’t be taken on their face value.

What is adequate size of penis to satisfy a female? 
Human vagina is about 3 inches long when not aroused. Its walls are very elastic and can even stretch to the extent of delivering a baby. It adjusts itself according to the length and girth of penis.Satisfaction is derived from the rubbing between the erect penis and outer one third of vaginal wall. If you have smaller penis, just enough to penetrate the vagina, you can satisfy a female as well as a person having bigger penis 

Micropenis is a condition when erect penile length is less than 7 centimetres or 2 inches. It can be due to genetic background or endocrinopathies. 

Sex positions for men with a small penis

Obviously the problem with having a small penis is that you can't get deep penetration as easily as men who have a large penis. But is this really a problem? Well, that depends on your point of view: deep penetration is very satisfying and can produce profoundly fulfilling sensations for men; some women like it, especially if they're stimulated by having your penis touch their cervix. (Though some women find this painful, for others it's the key to a powerful orgasm.) If you do want the pleasure of plumbing her depths, then there are several positions that can help you get deeper into her.

Doggy style or rear entry
There's no danger of falling out of her in the doggy position even if you have a small penis, provided you position yourselves correctly and comfortably. This means adjusting your respective heights (e.g. you stand on something, she raises or lowers her bottom) so you have easy and smooth access to her vulva. You get the enjoyable sight of her rear end, you get deep penetration, and you can good pressure on your penis if she keeps her legs together and/or lowers her head and neck onto a pillow while keeping her bottom raised.

Woman lies face down and man enters her from behind
The woman lies face down on her belly and keeps her legs together, as you kneel, your knees outside her legs, one on each side of her, ready to enter her. For you to get into her in the first place she may have to open her legs a bit more, but once you're in she can close them, which will produce good sensations for you both. It's often helpful if she places a pillow under her pelvis, so that her hips are raised. You'll find you can then enter her more easily.

She lies on her back and you hold her legs in a V-formation
The starting position for this is that she lies on her back and you enter her from a semi-kneeling position. Then you hold her ankles and raise them into a V formation, holding her legs up and apart. You can thrust deeply, but it does take some flexibility to do this.

She lies on her back and raises her legsIn fact, she may raise her legs right back so that her knees are on her chest, her ankles around her ears. This opens her vulva to your gaze, and allows you to penetrate her easily and deeply.

Man on top with her pelvis tilted upwards with a pillow under her bottom

This is a very good one for deep penetration and thrusting by the man. However, as in all these positions, it's important to remember that even though women may be turned on by the sight of a large penis, they often don't particularly want one inside them. The secret of sexual success is to get her really aroused before you enter her, and then to snuggle close and deep, kissing her as you penetrate her as deeply as possible. This s the ultimate romantic, sexy and loving embrace.

Although many women find big penises visually stimulating, most admit that they wouldn't like to have one inside them. So don't feel insecure if your penis is below average; there are so many ways you can make up for it as a lover.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Can Sexual Problems be Cured?

The success of treatment for sexual problems depends on the underlying cause. The outlook is good for dysfunction that is related to a treatable or reversible physical condition. Mild dysfunction that is related to stress, fear, or anxiety often can be successfully treated with counseling, education, and improved communication between partners.

Can Sexual Problems be Prevented?
While sexual problems cannot be prevented, dealing with the underlying causes of the dysfunction can help you better understand and cope with the problem when it occurs. There are some things you can do to help maintain good sexual function:
  • Follow your doctor's treatment plan for any health conditions.
  • Limit your alcohol intake.
  • Quit smoking.
  • Deal with any emotional or psychological issues such as stress, depression, and anxiety. Get treatment as needed.
  • Increase communication with your partner.


When Should I Call My Doctor About a Sexual Problem?
Many men experience a sexual problem from time to time. However, when the problems are persistent, they can cause distress for the man and his partner, and have a negative impact on their relationship. If you consistently experience sexual function problems, see your doctor for evaluation and treatment.