Saturday, September 29, 2012

Online consultation service

Welcome to free online consultation service
• Are you looking for Treatment to resolve your Sexual problems?
• Are you tired of queuing for days and months to get an appointment to consult your Doctor?
• Are you worried about Doctor's heavy fees?
• Are you unable to make up for Doctor's appointment because of your tight schedule?

Be free from all the worries as you will find solutions for all of your Sexual Disorders at “Dr. Hakim M.Asgar Ali's ROY MEDICAL CENTRE”. 

Consult a doctor for free. brings you the facility to Consult a Doctor Online and this Online Consultation is absolutely free. Please write in to our doctor if you have any doubts regarding sexual problems. Your privacy is 100% guaranteed, your private details are never shared with anyone else. 

The online consultation lets people from all over India and the world get access to one of the top sexual disorders specialist in India and helps them start enjoy their sex life once again and in many cases saved marriages from breaking up.  

Many a times we want to share our sexual problems with someone. This someone has to be more than a friend so that he/she can provide proper advice as well along with being empathetic. Our doctor can suggest ways to cure your sexual problems. We provide consulting via phone, E-mail OR Go to and fill online consultation form and send us. We will check your form and mail you about your treatment.


  1. Doctor-Patient friendly platform that brings Online Doctor Consultation to your home. Now, with easy access to the internet, you can take advice from the Certified Doctors online via Video Chat,E-Mail, Skype etc..All you have to do is to register on the site with E- Mail verification which will make you a Patient member for free.

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