Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Sex Positions

1. Leap frog: You will have to sit on your partner, who is also sitting, and let him enter you slowly. Slowly start to squat and make him lift his body up in a squat as well. Use his body to support yourself and thrust in order to increase satisfaction and reach an orgasm. Your body will be exposed to him so he can touch you as well. This increases friction and penetration, thus increasing pleasure.

2. Spooning with a difference: Lie on the bed and have him lie beside you. Lift your upper leg and pull his leg in between yours. Let him slowly enter you. To make it more exciting, let him slowly turn you around so that you are on top of him. Be careful not to put too much weight on one of his sides only. Spooning allows for deep penetration. It is also slower, compared to the other positions. This increases its excitement quotient.

3. Ballerina: Like the spooning position, you sleep beside him. Lift your top leg and hold it outstretched in the air. Allow him put his leg between yours as he enters you from behind. Again, like the spooning position, it allows for deep penetration and maximum pleasure.

4. Scissor Blade: This position is for unstoppable bulls. The man sits on the bed, legs spread. The woman sits between his legs at a 90 degree angle, so that her upper body remains between his legs. Her legs “cut” one of his from either side i.e. one of her legs will be placed above his and the other below.

5. Lap Dance: It’s simple but remains underrated. Facing her back to the man, the woman stands/sits/lounges against him, while he rests against the couch, table, bath tub, office chair.

6. Lap dance with a twist: Make your man sit on a comfortable sofa and sit on his lap facing him. With your legs straddled around his body, let him enter you. While your man leans comfortably against the sofa you can take control. Ask him to gently stroke the most sensitive areas of your body to maximise the pleasure.

7. Butterfly: Lie down at the edge of your bed or your kitchen platform and let your legs fall over the edge. Get him to kneel or stand at the edge of the bed or platform and slowly lift the small of your back as he enters you. Rest your legs on his shoulders. This is an exciting position as it lets the blood rush to your head as he enters you. 

8. Wheelbarrow: Lie face down at the edge of your bed and let him stand in between your legs. Bend them upwards and let him hold your thighs. He will enter you from behind as he stands and you remain lying down. It gives him a clear view of you, increasing his pleasure and yours.

9. Doggy style: This is definitely not one of the most passionate positions in bed. But still, guys do fantasise taking their partners on a ride through their behinds. Possibly because it makes them feel more powerful and animalistic at the same time. So, while you get on all fours, your guy kneels behind you and gets going. If your man suffers from delayed ejaculation, then this position works absolutely in his favour.

10. Twist to doggie style: Kneel and bend instead of sitting on your fours. You will have to push your lower back upwards and let him enter you from behind. The vagina expands much more and it will also expose so much more of you to him, making it more exciting. It allows for deep penetration and high satisfaction.

11. Men on top: No matter how traditional this one sounds, but this position certainly stays on the list! Though your guy may not want to do that often, you definitely induce him to take the plunge every now and then. Simply lie down on the bed with your back against it, with your legs wide open. That's enough for your man to get your 'invitation' to enter you. With him on top, you can enjoy the sensual time of your life. Keep rubbing his back – it'll provoke him to make you go crazier.

12. Missionary twist: Lie on your back and your legs spread open. Allow him enter you like in the missionary position. Slowly pull your legs ahead and let them rest on his shoulders. You could also put one leg around his body and the other over his shoulders.

13. Protect Me: This position is meant for the sensitive and shy kind. The woman faces her back to her partner, and holds his upper thighs from behind, while he holds her sides and penetrates her. A great position to enjoy stimulation and to avoid eye contact.

14. Eagle: You stand on a staircase with your legs spread wide apart. Make him stand on the stair under yours, facing you. This will make it feel like you are doing it against the wall, but you aren't really taking the support of anything. You could also entwine your legs around him if he can take your weight.

15. Face to Face: Both partners kneel on a bed, facing each other. It’s the “erect” version of the classic Missionary position, but promises more intimacy.

16. On Bended Knee: is great for the romantic and sensual kind. Also known as the Proposal position, it requires both partners to kneel on the bed facing each other. The man puts his arms around the woman’s waist to support her, while she raises one of her legs over his opposite thigh.

17. Superwoman pose: The woman faces a bed and places her hands shoulder width apart on the edge. The man holds her upper thighs and penetrates from behind.

18. Rude Rider : Instead of letting your partner take the initiative all the time, get into mode. It’s the classic woman on top seated position, while the man lies below her with some extra support — the man raises the woman, hands under her thighs.

19. Sit On Me : The man sits on a bed as though he’s sitting on an armchair. However, in this position, he is the armchair. The woman sits on him, exactly opposite, supports her hands on the bed and her legs on his shoulders.

20. Woman on Top: Taking charge is your right, and is fun. In the bed too! It not only gives you the power of control during the hot 'act', but your guy loves it too. He doesn't have to work that hard, after all! Lie him down on the bed, get on top of him, and well, you surely know what your next move will be! It's a win-win situation for both of you – you reach climax quicker, as there's less stress on your legs; and this position facilitates him a delayed orgasm.

21. Standing up: Make him stand, while you sit on a slightly higher surface. Since you are at the level of his waist, it doesn't take him much effort to penetrate you. You will be opening yourself up to him (figuratively and literally!), giving him a chance for better foreplay. Try this in the kitchen and get innovative. Grab some interesting food for the foreplay.

22. Face-play: This position allows you and your man to look deep into each other's eyes while getting intimate. Simply sit him down on a chair or on the edge of the bed. Jump onto his lap – slowly yet seductively. Let him take you by storm as he enters you. Meanwhile, place his hands on your body and guide him through the sexiest of your curves. The joy of 'being together' was never as satisfying – both of you will definitely agree with this after you've experienced this position.

23. Lap trap: This position not only promises you a heavenly time, but also endows your man with a close look at your 'thing'! Let your man be comfortable on a chair, tucking a pillow under his knees. Diving onto his lap, rest your back against his thighs, and lift up your legs. Bend your knees, placing your ankles over his shoulders. Let him take the act to the next level and enter you. Enjoy the sensual touch of his fingers on your breasts and thighs, while making him crazy with your moaning.

24. 69: A little strategy and management, and you can get this position right. But it leaves both the partners unsatisfied, as neither he nor you can enjoy the gratification that comes with love making. It becomes difficult concentrating on your own pleasure while focusing on your partner simultaneously. All said and done, few couples do indulge in the act, for they find it an extremely sexy and intimate way to turn each other on. On days you want to do something different, simply indulge in this 'act'.

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